Sound Off Films is a collaboration between Annie Costner and Adrienne Hall, who met while working on the feature documentary Racing Extinction. Sound Off is happiest working with nonprofits, brands, and original thinkers to express raw gritty beautiful truths and feelings, as loudly as possible. Some of our clients include: DJI Global; Plastic Pollution Coalition; and UNESCO. 

In 2012 Annie and Adrienne were part of a team that co-founded Mosaic of Change, a non-profit partnership with UNESCO. They helped curate UNESCO’s 70th Anniversary celebration in Paris (November 2015), in collaboration with Obscura Digital. In 2015, they collaborated with Strike Anywhere on two ESPN 30 for 30 films. In 2016 they completed their first documentary short, The Discarded, set in Rio de Janeiro. Sound Off is currently developing a slate of natural history content.